When Slipknot’s Sid Wilson Broke Both Feet Playing a Show

Gene Smirnov - [1] - philadelphia commercialportrait and music photographer., CC BY-SA 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons
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Going into a Slipknot show, there’s a good chance that the band is in just as much danger on stage as the fans in the pit. When talking about the whole process that goes into the live show, Clown has saidthings are being thrown, things are made out of metal. There’s no one person in Slipknot who isn’t afraid of some kind of major injury or potentially death.”

Even for a band as maniacal as these guys though, Sid Wilson might be one of the most insane performers on planet Earth, and he learned not to take it too far the hard way on the first night of the All Hope is Gone tour. 

As the band were about to launch into the song “Psychosocial,” Sid got a little too overeager and jumped into the front of the stage and landed the wrong way on his feet, breaking both heels on impact.

From the video footage, you can actually see Sid drastically change out of his persona once it happens, very slowly inching back to his turntables and then finishing out the rest of the show without moving that much, sayingI had some help getting back up to my riser.

They put a chair behind me so that whenever the lights went out I could sit down and then I would get back up when the lights came back on and finished the show on my feet.

The rest of the band were able to carry on with the rest of the tour though, with Sid saying “now I’ve continued to tour with broken heels and lowering each rig and putting a riser and a wheelchair in and just going from there. And maybe occasionally dragging myself across the floor.”

The rest of the band seemed to be behind him as well, with Corey announcing a few shows later how determined he was, saying, “just like everyone in this band, he looked us all in the eyes and said ‘I don’t give a fuck if you have to drag me out of here by my fucking hair.  I AM PLAYING FOR YOU.” 

It’s going to take more than one injury to break Sid Wilson though, and he’s gone to even crazier heights since then, making a point to stage dive when he can and getting more and more chaotic as the years go by. Here’s hoping he just has some more support next time he tries to jump off of these things.

You can see the immediate aftermath of Sid’s accident below: