When Slipknot’s Producer Smashed Jim Root’s $3,000 Custom Guitar to Prove a Point

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Jim Root had always said that the appeal of Slipknot was that there was just something not quite right about the way everything was presented.

For the first handful of tours that the band played, most people seemed to be reacting more in shock than anything else, as these 9 masked maniacs unleashed armageddon whenever they took to the stage.

They may have gotten some magic down onto the tape, but Ross Robinson wasn’t one for the big rock star toys apparently.

When Jim was coming in to make the band’s debut record, he had talked about working with Ross being really helpful, saying that “Ross was a great producer to have for a band that never worked with a producer before, because he’s very involved with what you do.

Along with having an analog approach to their debut record, Jim was ready to work with a new custom guitar that Jackson had built for him…and Ross was PISSED.

Jim was originally psyched to have a new guitar in the studio, saying “Ross had his headphones on and he was rocking out to a song, I had just gotten this new Jackson guitar built for me with a custom inlay and fucking quilt maple top and all this band ass new $3,000 guitar and {Ross} just drop kicked the guitar right out of my hands. And that’s sort of his mentality. It’s not about anything material or physical…it’s about the energy that you create when you’re in the studio working.”

This wouldn’t even be the last time that Ross had tested the endurance of the band, throwing potted plants at the band during the recording of the album Iowa, including one infamous time when he threw a lit candle across the room and getting one of the best takes when some of the hot wax was smeared all over Clown’s face.

You can have all of the expensive equipment that you want, but if you’re working with a guy like Ross, it’s not going to mean a thing unless you’re giving it 110%.  

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