We Played A Halloween-Themed Round of ‘F**k, Marry, Kill’ With GWAR’s Blothar

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‘Tis the best season of the year – the leaves are turning color, the air is getting cooler, and we are getting a whole lot of amazing horror movies! It’s no secret that we are hardcore horror fans here at The Pit; whether it’s big releases like that of Halloween Ends or indie releases like the incredible Terrifier 2, we love the horror genre!

To celebrate the spooky season, we reached out to one of our favorite galactic metalheads, that being GWAR frontman Blothar the Berserker! Along with asking him about his favorite horror movie – and also learning about how certain folk tales have inspired the band – we also decided to play a game of “Fuck, Marry, Kill” with Blothar. The catch: His choices all involved horror movie slashers!

You can check out our conversation with Blothar below!

The Pit: So given that it’s the Halloween season, we thought about playing a game of “Fuck, Marry, Kill” with you, but involving horror movie slashers. So between the likes of Leatherface, Chucky, and Freddy Krueger, who would you Fuck, Marry, Kill?

Blothar: Ahh… I would probably fuck Leatherface; just because, he’s got so many problems, you know he’s good in bed. The crazy ones are always the best. I’m going to say, because of how intensely weird it would be, I would marry Chucky.  And then as far as killing, that just leaves Freddy. I’d love to throttle the life out of him; but it has happened so many times, Freddy just dies and dies. But I love that he lives in the world of dreams.

The Pit: Incredibly insightful Blothar, thank you for sharing. And on a different note when it comes to the horror genre, do you have a favorite movie?

Blothar: Every year we have to watch all of the Nightmare on Elm Street [movies]. Just the entire series of them, and that’s always fun.

I hate it now that they call everything “Folk Horror”; that’s like the latest sort of hipster thing in horror movies, I suppose. But I find myself though, even though I don’t like the moniker, I’m drawn to it; I do enjoy Folk Horror a little bit more than other kinds of horror.

The Pit: Like the Wicker Man? Stuff like that?

Blothar: Yeah, Wicker Man. And with the documentary being on Shudder [referring to Woodlands Dark and Days Bewitched: A History of Folk Horror]…

The Pit: Oh that’s such a good documentary!

Blothar: Yeah, and our documentary is playing on Shudder, so [we] have free access to it, so we can watch. There’s just really good stuff, there’s lots of things [on Shudder] that I really like. There’s The Wailing, which is a pretty crazy one. There’s one that’s about, I think it’s called, The Power. It’s during a period in the ‘70s when they are having rolling blackouts because of miner strikes. And it’s really good. I love stuff like that. A lot of the Korean and Japanese folks tales – [those] have always been an influence on GWAR.

The Pit: Can you elaborate a little more on that – how those folk tales have inspired GWAR?

Blothar: Well, I mean, GWAR is influenced by mythology, period, right? And one of the big areas that we’ve always been interested in – the way that the Japanese and Chinese tales are constructed, they are a lot less teleological. Which is interesting to read. But also the characters… an easier thing to understand, the Power Rangers, right – the Power Rangers came out of a genre of live action, I guess Kaiju is what you would call it. Live action martial arts shows, that were usually really funny, with like funny, very campy characters. And that mode of expression, dressing things up, [and] ridiculous monsters, all of that is very influential on our band.

In Japan, comic books, from the beginning almost, had the power of literature. In the United States, [comic books], even still – I mean now, much less so – were always kind of trash culture. [In Japan, comics were] treated more seriously, which I appreciate.

We would like to thank Blothar for his time talking to us! You can purchase the new GWAR album The New Dark Ages now, and if you want to check out our other latest interview with the GWAR frontman, follow this link here.