Watch: In 2019, Rob Zombie Went Off On A Female Fan And Grabbed Her By The Hair

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Back in 2019 during a Rob Zombie concert, one fan in the crowd got a little too rowdy, and this set off the horror-rocker big time. As reported by TMZ at the time, at one point during this show, Zombie got off the stage and was walking among where the fans were (there was a barricade between Zombie and the fans however). As he is doing this, a female fan reached out to, leaning over the barricade, and grabbed his shirt; this is when Rob Zombie lost it.

In response to this fan grabbing at him, Zombie got super pissed, pulling the woman by her hair before shoving her off of him. It seems real excessive to grab someone by their hair; from the video footage below, you can see the female fan just grab at Zombie’s shirt. She is not being overly aggressive or anything – it totally seems like a matter where Rob could have just pulled away and moved on (no point in grabbing her hair).

That said, at the time that this story was being reported on, a couple rockers came to Zombie’s defense. Zach Myers of Shinedown actually went off on TMZ via his Twitter; when they posted their reporting of this story, Myers retweet’d them and wrote the following:

“If this was a female artist you fucking twat monkeys would have a whole different headline ..:.:. You pricks are exactly what’s wrong with media. Here’s a headline “Rob Zombie gets assaulted by female fan… reacts”

All That Remains frontman Phil Labonte was also pissed about the TMZ headline and wrote a couple tweets about that. You can find Phil’s tweets and that of Zach’s tweet below. Also below, you will find that footage of Zombie grabbing at the female fan.

Watch the Rob Zombie Fan Incident: