Watch: Did You Know Adam Sandler Once Jammed Out With The Deftones?

Deftones w/ Adam Sendler, Incubus, P.O.D. - BQAD & The Joker (MTV Little Nicky 2000 FULL !!!): Deftones Zone,, YouTube
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Back in the year 2000, in an effort to promote his movie at the time (Little Nicky), actor Adam Sandler jammed out with none other than the Deftones!

Originally shared by the folks over at Metal Hammer, Sandler teamed up with members of Deftones and Incubus to perform the Deftones song “Be Quiet and Drive.” For the sake of context, the soundtrack to Little Nicky features several Deftones songs (like that of “Be Quiet and Drive”), as well as other nu metal bangers (such as songs from Linkin Park and Disturbed). This special was brought together by the folks over at MTV.

Introducing the track, Adam Sandler says, “’Be Quiet and Drive,’ great song and it’s on the Little Nicky soundtrack.” Referring to the group of musicians around him, Adam asks, “You guys wanna play it, right?”

Deftones frontman Chino Moreno says, “Yeah, you’re gonna play it with us.”

Adam then says, “I’m gonna play it with you and I’m gonna stay out of your way as much as I can.” The actor, along with members of Deftones and Incubus, then proceed to play an acoustic version of “Be quiet and Drive.”

After wrapping up that song, Sandler then invites members from P.O.D. to join the group, and they all then perform the song “The Joker” (which is a song from the Steve Miller Band). You can find the Deftones, Adam Sandler, and all these other musicians jamming out together via the video below.

In other Deftones related news, have you heard that the metal artist Willow – also the daughter of actor Will Smith – would love to collaborate with Chino? We also recently posted an article regarding a song that the Deftones wrote as a “fuck you” to their label back in the day. Did you also know that Scott Weiland Sang On Deftones’ White Pony?