NSFW Watch: Butcher Babies Pole Dance In Their Metal Cover Of Saweetie’s ‘Best Friend’

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The Butcher Babies have been creating heavy ass tunes for over a decade now; as of today, they have released a metal cover of a rap song (as well as one hell of a music video).

The song the band decided to cover is that of the Saweetie track “Best Friend” (which also features Doja Cat). Along with creating a metal cover of this song, The Butcher Babies also made one hell of a music video. Said music video, which you can view below, features band members Heidi Shepherd and Carla Harvey making their way to a strip club; once the ladies arrive to the club, they change outfits, throw on some corpse paint, and start pole dancing for a crowd.

This is not the first time the Butcher Babies have created or taken part in a NSFW music video. In the past, Heidi took part in a NSFW music video involving a Korn cover and her wearing nipple tape. Shepherd provided a lengthy statement defending the use of nipple tape and spoke to owning her sexuality.

That statement from Heidi is super insightful and speaks to how women should be proud to own their sexuality. And from the video footage you will find below in the Butcher Babies “Best Friend” music video, the ladies look like they are having an awesome time up on stage!

Regarding this cover, Heidi shares the following (as shared by Metal Injection):

“During the last 15 as Butcher Babies, we have proved that a strong friendship can and will withstand all. When I first heard this song by Saweetie & Doja Cat, I knew that we needed to be the ones to bring this into the metal world. With our un-breakable bond, Carla and I just grow stronger each time we play this to a live audience. It’s a true anthem of female power, screaming, ‘we are stronger together.’ I am truly honored to scream this song along my best friend.”

Band guitarist Henry Flury shares, “It was difficult to figure out how to approach covering this song. So I told Heidi to get on the mic and just go for it. When I heard how ferocious it was, the riff just came to me. We had the song done in about 10 minutes.”

Carla adds the following: “Nearly fifteen years ago Heidi and I started Butcher Babies as best friends.In a world wherein women are often pitted against each other, we instead chose to celebrate each other and grow together. The song ‘Best Friend’ is the perfect anthem to describe our relationship; as soon as we heard the Saweetie and Doja Cat original we knew we were the only band that could cover it…it was written for us!”

NSFW Butcher Babies “Best Friend” Music Video