Watch: Actress Jamie Clayton’s Makeup Routine In Order To Become Pinhead Is Jaw-Dropping

Unsplash/Yvette de Wit
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As of last Friday, the new Hellraiser movie (starring actress Jamie Clayton as Pinhead) came out and we have to say it is incredible. It has been a long time since a Hellraiser movie really hit us, and when it comes to thematic storytelling, atmosphere, and horror movie chills, this film is stellar.

It goes without saying, but one of the biggest highlights of the film is that of Jamie herself. As the Hell Priest, Clayton provides a gripping performance that rivals that of actor Doug Bradley’s work. Let alone that her voice exudes an authoritative presence, she just looks incredible as the Hell Priest/Pinhead.

As a means of celebrating the release of this new Hellraiser movie, a video has been uploaded to YouTube that features Jamie getting into her Pinhead makeup – and holy shit is her transformation jaw-dropping! You can check out the video for yourself below, but it is surreal to see the lovely Jamie Clayton get her makeup done and be turned into the ever so lovely Hell Priest Pinhead.

You can watch the new Hellraiser movie now over on Hulu. If you have already seen the movie, what are your thoughts?

In other horror movie related news, did you hear that we have a Grinch horror movie coming out?! As of this Friday, Halloween Ends is also coming out – it will be arriving into theatres and onto the streaming service Peacock. You can check out the final trailer for the movie via this link here.

Also, did you know that Limp Bizkit singer Fred Durst will be part of an upcoming A24 horror movie! Performing alongside alternative-indie rocker Phoebe Bridgers, Durst will be in the horror movie I Saw The TV Glow. We are interested to see what Fred Durst will be like in a horror movie setting.