Watch: Here Is A Look Inside A Slipknot-Inspired Halloween Haunted House

Morten Jensen, CC BY 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons
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It is the perfect time of year to venture through a haunted house; granted, anyone can walk through a haunted house whenever they feel like it, but we specifically are referring to that of the Halloween type of haunted house. We love a good Halloween haunted house, and we are even bigger fans of Slipknot-inspired houses.

That may seem a little random to hear at first, but what if we told you there was once such a Slipknot-inspired house? Back in 2018, The Slaughterhouse – a haunted house attraction located in Des Moines, IA – once created a Slipknot experience of horror!

As reported by Revolver back in the day, this partnership between The Slaughterhouse and Slipknot involved 40 actors, was 10,000 square feet, and featured a “maggot”-filled theme cake! There was also the chance to partake in meet and greets with the band.

From the videos we found online featuring this Slipknot Halloween haunted house, this looks like it was an incredible time! Below you will find one video that guides you on a walkthrough of the house, with the other video serving as more of a commercial for what to expect from the experience. We would love to see this attraction come back!

What do you think of a Slipknot attraction like this? What other metal bands do you think deserve their own haunted attraction? In other Slipknot and horror related news, band frontman Corey Taylor recently bought the rights to the Famous Monsters brand! In purchasing these rights, Corey says that he intends on re-launching the Famous Monsters magazine and will be using the name to start producing toys, movies, and hosting festivals!

Actor Doug Bradley (most well-known for his role as Pinhead in the original Hellraiser movie) also gave a recent shout out to Corey Taylor’s horror fandom! When it comes to horror movies, what have you been watching lately?