Wacko Ted Nugent Thinks Kanye West is a ‘man of great vision’

Ted Nugent photo by chascar via Wikipedia. Kanye West photo via YouTube
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You don’t need someone like us to tell you that Ted Nugent is a pretty polarizing figure in rock history. From the first time he stepped onto a stage, the man likes to do things his way most of the time, and that involves sticking to principles that many people wouldn’t be caught dead supporting.

Political tirades and amazing guitar licks aside though, Crazy Uncle Ted has seemed to reach new heights of looney tunes by climbing on the Kanye West hype train.

Over the past few weeks, Ye has gone past the point of no return more than a few times, from his fashion week fiasco to saying some gross antisemitic remarks online and more.

He seems alright in Ted’s book though, calling West a “man of great vision, an entrepreneur, rock solid in the asset column” when mentioning his interview with Tucker Carlson earlier this week. 

Aside from the many flimsy claims that West has made about his personal life, his borderline obsessive preoccupation with right wing Christian values seemed to strike a chord with the Nuge, saying on his show The Nightly Nuge (as transcribed by Blabbermouth ) that West was:

“Touching and pushing all the important quality-of-life buttons — that you have to respect life in the womb, that you have to respect the 10 commandments and the guidance and nurture and love and discipline of our children and the condemnation and sexualization of innocent youth. And diet — he was talking about the importance of a conscientious, intelligent diet, against Big Pharma, against the atrocities of the FDA and the USDA.”

While Ted did bring up some of the more controversial things that West did in the past that he doesn’t agree with, he’s clearly and unabashedly pro-Kanye.

Then again, most of us probably shouldn’t be worried about getting the Ted Nugent/Kanye West collab track that the world is surely waiting for.

Ted is just riding the waves of Kanye’s latest tirade, and most of us are just left to watch in awe and just hope it doesn’t get any worse. In words even Ted would appreciate, God help us all.