Vocalist Paul Stoddard Of Metalcore Act Diecast Has Passed Away

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Paul Stoddard, who was the vocalist for Boston, Massachusetts metalcore act Diecast, has passed away. News of Paul’s passing comes from a Facebook post written by drummer and fellow Diecast member Dennis Pavia.

Per Pavia’s Facebook post, he writes: “I’m at a complete loss for words and absolutely crushed. You are a band mate, a friend, a brother… a thousand band/tour memories and stories just went through my head in a fraction of a second as I am writing this. From recording to traveling all over the place, arguing to laughing hysterically… I’m gonna miss you. RIP Pauly”

Diecast formed in 1997 and Paul would end up joining the band in 2003. Prior to Paul joining the band, they had released two demos and two studio albums; those demos are titled Perpetual War (released in 1997) and Sampler (released in 1999). The studio albums are titled Undo the Wicked (released in 1998) and Day of Reckoning (released in 2001).

While he was with the band, Paul helped to create two studio albums, those being Tearing Down Your Blue Skies (released in 2004) and Internal Revolution (released in 2006). The band have played alongside a plethora of other metal acts, such as Slayer, All Out War, Dying Fetus, and Napalm Death.

The band began recording a fifth Diecast studio album in 2012, but come 2013, the band said the record was being held off due to financial matters. Back in 2017, the band hinted that they were working on a new studio album (but since then, no record has been released).

We send our love to Paul’s family, friends, and to that of the band. We hope that you are at peace Paul <3

Below we have included Dennis Pavia’s Facebook post regarding Paul Stoddard’s passing, as well as a music video for the band’s song “Rise and Oppose” (which is a track from Tearing Down Your Blue Skies).