Watch: Tool’s Adam Jones Sent A Signed Guitar To A Young Fan Who Has Performed Amazing Covers Of The Band’s Songs

Maya Neelakantan: Adam Jones Sent Me A Signed Gibson Signature Guitar!!!!!!!!: Maya Neelakantan, YouTube / Adam Jones: deep ghosh, CC BY 2.0, Wikipedia
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A few months ago, we shared an incredible video of 9-year-old Maya Neelakantan covering a Tool song; Maya is a super talented guitarist, and over on her YouTube channel, she has uploaded several videos that display her awesome guitar skills.

Well apparently, Tool guitarist Adam Jones caught wind of Maya’s skills, and he decided to send her a signed guitar! Per a newly uploaded video on her channel, Maya goes about unboxing the signed Gibson signature guitar from Adam, and also goes about sharing a clean tone and distortion tone test. Per the description associated with this video, Maya writes the following:

“None of you will believe what happened! A few days ago I got a huge parcel, I opened it up and inside was a Gibson Hard Case and when I opened that up there was this beautiful shiny Silverburst Adam Jones Signature Guitar!!! Mr Adam Jones himself and Mr Cesar (from Gibson) sent me this special guitar as a gift! This is a HUGE and UNBELIEVABLE MOMENT for me! I am so excited to share this with! This video is my first reaction when I opened the guitar parcel and witnessed what’s inside it! It was too much for me to handle and I was so overwhelmed! It is very hard to explain what I was feeling at that very moment but I remember every second of that unforgettable moment even now. This day is the biggest day for me and I will cherish this moment for my whole life!”

She later goes on to add, “This is truly a very special moment in my life! And I will never ever ever forget it. I really want to thank Mr Adam Jones and Mr Cesar for being so kind, loving, encouraging and supportive and for doing such a generous gesture of sending me this guitar all the way from another country to my house!”

This is truly such a thoughtful and wonderful gift Adam! We are so happy for Maya and will keep a look out for more of her covers. You can check out her unboxing video below.