This Stunning Piano Cover of ‘Master of Puppets’ Shows Metallica’s Songwriting Genius

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We’re not crying! You’re crying! Just kidding, but not really. Because you might actually shed a tear or two after watching this one.

It’s no secret by now that Stranger Things launched Metallica’s ‘Master of Puppets’ into the cultural zeitgeist this past year, driving streams of the decades-old metal classic into the stratosphere.

Some metal fans argued and gatekeeped their way through social media outbursts about how normies don’t deserve metal.

Other metal fans wholeheartedly embraced the moment, stoked that the rest of the world was giving our beloved genre the attention and respect that it is obviously so deserving of.

In the wake of the song’s viral moment though, it feels like there have been just as many YouTube covers of this song as there have been new streams.

Some of those covers, well, they weren’t our cup o’ tea. But this one below? Holy christ. Serious goosebumps. A YouTuber, an insanely talented artist named Gamazda, arranged Puppets for a grand piano, somehow incorporating all of the original instrumentation and nailing every note of a 7 minute-plus song in the process. No sheet music, all from memory. Truly flawless.

And here’s the thing – it’s thanks to people like Gamazda that the world can see this song for what it is- a truly brilliant composition of music that is a songwriting triumph. It’s almost like it was written for a symphony. Somebody should maybe make that happen, eh? Wink wink.

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Watch this stunning piano cover of Metallica’s ‘Master of Puppets’: