Watch: This Metal Cover Of The Halloween Theme Song Is Sick As Hell

Unsplash/Yvette de Wit
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We love metal and the Halloween movies, so when we come across something that combines those two loves, we are over the moon with excitement! Stumbling across this over on YouTube recently, we found a metal cover of John Carpenter’s iconic Halloween theme song!

This cover was created by the metal band Orbit Culture (you may have seen them if you attended that recent In Flames tour, given that Orbit Culture was one of the supporting acts). They are a Swedish metal act that formed in 2013, and at the time of this writing, they have released three studio albums: In Medias Res (2014), Rasen (2016), and Nija (2020). They have a new EP on the way in 2023.

While the band’s cover of this song keeps the synth-driven rhythm intact, it is a whole lot heavier sounding. We are really into it and would love to hear more metal covers of John Carpenter’s music. You can check out a music video of this cover below.

Speaking of Halloween, we recently wrote up a feature pertaining to Halloween Ends and why we feel it deserves more love than what it has gotten. While the movie’s reviews have been somewhat harsh, we feel that Halloween Ends is easily one of the most interesting slasher movies we have seen in some time. Earlier this year, we interviewed John Carpenter and talked to him about his love for metal and his work on the Firestarter soundtrack.

And in other horror movie related news, have you checked out Terrifier 2 yet? Reportedly, the movie has such intense violence and gore that people are throwing up and fainting during screenings! At the time that we wrote about the film, we were not sure how much longer it would be in theatres for, but given how successful it has been, the movie is still currently playing in theatres!