Watch: Someone Created A 400 Ft Halloween Light Show To Display Their Love For Metallica + Stranger Things

400ft Tall Halloween Light and Drone Show! Featuring: Metallica, Stranger Things, and Ghostbusters: Tom BetGeorge, YouTube
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Many of us love to go all out for the Halloween season; whether we are stringing up lots of lights or putting a bunch of creepy characters out on our front lawns or in our windows, there are many ways to show off the festive spirit. However, there is one person who has taken Halloween decorations to one hell of a level.

As of recently, YouTube user Tom BetGeorge uploaded a video of some fascinating Halloween decorations – those decorations involving a 400 foot light show. While that on its own may sound cool as hell, Tom uses drones in this light show to show off his love for thrash legends Metallica and the Netflix show Stranger Things.

Per a video you will find below, you can see the drones fly about, forming together to show off the name “Metallica” in the sky; you will also see that the drones form the shape of one of the show’s iconic monsters. And of course, while all this is happening, Tom has “Master of Puppets” playing. Classic.

Tom has also gone out of his way to provide aerial footage of the light show, and it is jaw dropping as fuck. Along with the presentation he has happening in the sky, there is a house in the video done up in lights, which also plays a fun role in this show. Later on in the video, Tom also highlights his love for that of Ghostbusters.

You can check out this amazing light show involving Metallica and Stranger Things below. In other news related to Stranger Things, the frontman of Parkway Drive actually thanked Netflix for helping to “validate” metal. In other Metallica related news, back in the day, the band put together a special medley involving Mercyful Fate songs, and King Diamond was able to treat himself big time thanks to the royalties.