The Time Vince Neil Tried to Fight a Fan at a Show, But Failed Miserably

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Mötley Crüe‘s Vince Neil sure seems to like fighting fans. Back in 2012 during a small club tour with his solo band, Vince got into it with an audience member who was standing in front of the stage at a New Mexico gig.

It’s unclear exactly what the fan did to warrant Neil’s wrath, but he was clearly pissed off. Video captured by a fan at the gig shows him yelling “get the fuck out of here! Get out!” and then swinging on the fan, with mic in hand.

The punch does not land (in hindsight, the missed connection with said fan’s face likely saved Neil millions of dollars in legal fees). Perhaps even more miraculously, his band doesn’t even stop, as if this was just par for the course. And neither does Vince, continuing to belt out the current song literally as if nothing had happened.

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Crazily, this wasn’t the only time Vince Neil got into it with a fan. A few years later in 2016, Vince famously got into a scuffle with a female autograph seeker at a hotel in Las Vegas. Apparently, Vince didn’t want to engage the fan, but the fan persisted.

It escalated when Vince allegedly pulled her by the hair, causing the police to come and detain him. Not ready to be outdone, Vince’s friend Nicolas Cage (yes, that Nicolas Cage) ended up putting the Crue singer in a headlock to try to calm him down.

On a more positive note, Vince seems quite a bit less rageful and unhinged these days. No new fan fights to report of (thankfully). Just a whole lot of happy fans, and a ton of money in the ‘ol Motley Crue bank.

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