The Pit’s Favorite Riffs: Five New Awesome Metal Songs 10/28

…And Oceans photo credit: M.Laakso
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Welcome back to The Pit’s Favorite Riffs, where we share five new killer metal songs that have recently come out and that we love! Here are the metal songs we highlighted from last week!

As always, our goal with this feature is to shine a light on more underground metal bands. This week, we are bringing you a nice variety of black metal, drone, and more.

And Oceans – “The Collector and His Construct”

…And Oceans create epic black metal that delivers waves of explosive instrumentation and emotion. With a new album on the way next year, “The Collector and His Construct” provides an incredible taste of the majestic sounding darkness this band has to offer.

Abduction – “A Psylacybic Death”

Savage sounding death metal with a hint of black metal – sign us the fuck up! Abduction offer audiences relentless instrumentation which, alongside demonic growls and screams, makes for a gripping and brutal presentation. We could honestly hear this music being used in a horror movie.

UNIVERSALLY ESTRANGED – “Devoured From Another Time”

But if you need more heavy ass tunes in your life, then dive right into the work of UNIVERSALLY ESTRANGED. Between aggressive instrumentation that pummels the eardrums over and over, and vocals that sound phlegmy, UNIVERSALLY ESTRANGED unleash a sonic aura that is both thrilling and chilling.

David Maxim Micic – “Dx2 is me”

David Maxim Micic is a solo artist who creates captivating works of progressive music. “Dx2 is me” is a lovely blend of metal and electronic music; the track provides an insightful look into David’s artistry, for its intricate rhythm and technicality speak to how stellar of a songwriter David is.

Cavern of Stars -“Procession Towards the Phantom Nebula”

We love ourselves some doom and drone music, so when we came across this track from Cavern of Stars, we were blown away. This is a jaw-dropping and captivating work of atmosphere. It’s a little north of 20 minutes in runtime, but it is a truly immersive metal experience.

Of course, this is but a small taste of the many awesome metal releases that are out today. What are some new metal songs/albums that you are listening to now or plan to check out over the course of this weekend?