Interview: Lorna Shore Singer Will Ramos Tells Us The Two Metal Vocalists He Wants To Collab With

Dennis Radaelli, CC BY-SA 4.0 , via Wikimedia Commons
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This past Friday the new Lorna Shore album Pain Remains came out and it is a remarkable work. Brimming with theatrical instrumentation and emotional narrative depth, Pain Remains is easily one of our favorite releases of the year.

To celebrate this release, we got to chat with Lorna Shore singer Will Ramos! Last week we shared the main chunk of our conversation with the vocalist, but today, we thought we would share another awesome portion of that conversation.

Among the topics we discussed with Will, we of course had to ask him about who he would love to collaborate with (when it comes to vocals). Among all the metal vocalist that exist, Will specifically named two. You can find out who those two metal singers are below! Oh, and on another fun note, we had a great chat with him pertaining to his passion for instrumental bands! Please note, this interview has been edited and condensed for clarity.

The Pit: So of course we have to ask – Are there any metal vocalists you would love to collaborate with?

Will Ramos: Definitely the guy from In Flames, Anders Frién. I just love his voice. […] He’s really versatile as a vocalist and I think that’s super sick. You could put [him] in anything and he’ll conform to it. That’s kind of how I wanna be as well too; I don’t want people to feel like, “Oh Will Ramos is a fuckin deathcore vocalist.” I think when you listen to this album, you’ll notice there’s a lot of mids and things going on in certain parts that make it what it is; it’s not just one thing like “That sounds metalcore as fuck,” or maybe “That sounds brutal so that’s not metalcore enough.” Not to go on a tangent, my bad.

The Pit: No, tangent away man.

WR: Anders Frién is definitely one of them you know. Dickie Allen [of Infant Annihilator] as well, because he’s one of my favorite just heavy, heavy vocalists. He’s fantastic. Hopefully we’ll do something together; I was talking to him about it, who the hell knows when that will ever happen. Yeah, honestly off the top of my head, that’s it. I listen to a lot of instrumental stuff nowadays; sometimes you hear too many, “I’m doing vocals all day,” and I don’t wanna hear anybody do anymore vocals man, fuck this. Give me [something] like Polyphia, or like Intervals, that’s where I’m at.

The Pit: What else are you into when it comes to instrumental bands?

WR: Like Chon, you know there’s so many. I even listen to that band Novelists [the progressive metal band from France …] they used to have a whole YouTube segment that was literally just play-throughs with no vocals over [their music]. I would listen to that because I was like, “Dude this is sick, the instrumentation is nuts.” Vocals are good, but without vocals, it’s like Polyphia, Chon type shit.

The Pit: Chon is sick as hell. Animal As Leaders is another amazing instrumental band.

WR: Oh hell yeah dude, are you kidding me? 100%! Animals As Leaders, all of that.

We would like to thank Will for his time talking to us! The new Lorna Shore album, Pain Remains, is available to purchase now. Follow this link here to read the larger conversation we had with Will Ramos.