The Agonist Vocalist Vicky Psarakis Had Her Stage Clothes Stolen From Her – Band Reaches Out To Fans Asking For Help

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After a performance in Germany last night, someone decided to steal the stage clothes of The Agonist singer Vicky Psarakis. Hoping to get Vicky’s stage clothes back, the band has made a post requesting for help (asking for people to be on the look out for these clothes and providing pictures of what was stolen).

Per that post, the band wrote the following caption: “⚠️Attention⚠️This is a very unfortunate post: Last night, our singer @vickypsarakis ‘s custom made stage clothes were stolen from our backstage, after our performance. This happened in Ingolstadt, Germany, at the venue @eventhallewestpark. We are of course furious about this, and we could use your help. If anyone sees them for sale, or has any leads on their whereabouts, please send us a direct message. We have no idea why someone would do this. This is why proper security and backstage credentials are required to keep performing artists safe. Again, please message us if anyone has any information in regards to this, we would appreciate it.”

That is so shitty for someone to have stolen Vicky’s stage clothes. We hope these get returned to her soon. In other news related to The Agonist, the band recently put out a new music video for their song “Immaculate Deception.” You can check out that video below, and regarding this song and music video, Vicky shares the following:

“Immaculate Deception is a song about societal pressure and feelings of remorse over time. The main point I want to highlight is the concept of time and the fear that comes with it. We all reach a point where we start noticing that we’re aging. In current society, there’s a big push to try and preserve our physical state. There’s a huge movement of cosmetic procedures and products that promise us ‘eternal youth’. People like to think that they can keep reliving their 20s, instead of embracing the natural course of life and the challenges and rewards that come with it.

“To bring this vision to life, we focused on our main character coming face to face with different versions of herself: her naturally aged older self chasing her with an imaginary ‘mob’ (representing society) and her unrecognizable cosmetically altered self staring at her through the mirror. She ultimately realizes she can not run anymore. Remorse is a powerful feeling and influencing factor for a lot of our decisions, but the fact is you can never go back in time and change the things you’ve done. All you can do is learn and push yourself to be better over time. To thank all our fans who directly donated money for this video to be made, we added their names to the credits. We could not have done this without you!”


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