Watch: Someone Threw A Dead Rat Onto The Stage Where Death-Grinders Full of Hell Were Performing

[3XIL3D LIVE] Dead rat thrown to the stage during Full of Hell set in Chicago. Watch till the end.: 3XIL3D LIVE, YouTube
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Throughout the history of live music, folks have been throwing all kinds of shit onto stages; depending on the type of rowdy crowd one has, audiences might toss articles of clothing onto the stage, perhaps water bottles or signs, even the occasional dead rat may make its way to where bands are performing.

The latter may sound extreme, but during a recent Full of Hell show, the band found such a morbid gift at their feet. At the Chicago stop on their current tour with Vermin Womb, Blood Incantation, Mortuous, and God Is War, someone decided to toss a dead rat onto the stage where Full of Hell were performing.

As you will see in the video below, Full of Hell are in the midst of a song when band member Dylan Walker bends down – tissue in hand – and picks up the dead rat by the tail. Metalheads are known to do wild things at shows, but this is certainly, by far, one of the fucking grossest things to be tossed at a band.

You can check out that video of Walker finding the dead rat on stage below. What is the most wildest thing you have ever seen tossed at a band during a live show? And if you are interested in seeing Full of Hell and these other bands live, you can find the remaining dates and locations associated with their tour below.

10/4 – New Haven, CT – State House
10/5 – Cambridge, MA – The Middle East
10/6 – Brooklyn, NY – Monarch
10/7 – Philadelphia, PA – Underground Arts

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