‘Losing a child isn’t something you get over … It changes you’: Slipknot’s Clown Reflects On The Death Of His Daughter

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During a recent conversation with The Independent, Slipknot‘s Shawn “Clown” Crahan reflected on the death of his daughter. Back in 2019, Clown’s daughter, Gabrielle, passed away; she was 22 years old. In a statement he shared over on social media at the time of Gabrielle’s passing, Shawn Crahan wrote:

“It is with a broken heart, and from a place of the deepest pain, that I have to inform all of you that my youngest daughter, Gabrielle, passed away yesterday – Saturday May 18th, 2019.”

You can find the full statement Shawn Crahan shared below:

Now, via this new conversation with The Independent, Shawn Crahan reflects on the pain he has felt since losing his daughter Gabrielle:

“I’m not trying to be morbid. I know what real evil is now. Anything I thought was evil, all my past problems are minuscule compared with the path that my wife and I are on. We’re all so locked to the clock and the dollar that we almost refuse to see those other paths that other human beings are walking. With me, I see the people on paths next to me. I don’t want you on my path. I don’t want to invite you over on this path. I don’t want to teach you about the path. Goddammit, I didn’t even know this path was here but I’m on it now.”

Clown then goes on to add the following, “Losing a child isn’t something you get over. That’s all I can say. It changes you – and that’s it.”

We can’t imagine how devastating of a loss that must be for someone to go through and what horrible grief that brings upon a family. We send all our love to Shawn and the Crahan family, and hope that Gabrielle is at peace.