Corey Taylor Says That Slipknot Were Once Accused Of Being Robbers + Were Held At Gunpoint By Police

Corey Taylor, Shawn Crahan, & Sid Wilson: Slipknot Facebook / Police: Love Makes A Way, CC BY-SA 2.0, Wikipedia
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For those unfamiliar with Slipknot‘s getup, it would be understandable to be caught by surprise – one might assume they are a bunch of dudes in Halloween costumes, maybe even assume they are bank robbers looking to hide their identities. That last point may be somewhat of a stretch for some… but not for some people.

For you see, back in the day (in 1999), someone saw Slipknot in their jumpsuits and masks and thought they were robbers; this person then proceeded to call the police on the band, and Slipknot were held at gunpoint!

Band frontman Corey Taylor verified this story during a recent Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything). One Reddit user asked Corey the following:

“Corey, do you remember when you did an instore signing back in 1999 at Rolling Stone Records in Chicago. Where you guys decided to change into your jumpsuits, masks behind a jewelry store. Then someone proceeded to call the cops on you thinking you were going to rob the joint. Probably the most epic untold Slipknot early days moment.”

Corey then replied saying that he did remember this going down and spoke to being held at gunpoint. He then goes on to add that, when things finally settled, what came next was sort of ironic. Per Corey Taylor:

“I do remember that. We were pulled out of the vans at gunpoint by CPD. But once they realized what was up, they gave us a police escort across the street and served as security for the event haha.”

That is absolutely batshit wild! We had no idea that this even happened to the band prior to checking out Corey’s Reddit AMA thread. During that same Reddit AMA, Taylor was also asked what his favorite Slipknot mask is (among his own). Can you guess which of Corey’s Slipknot masks is his favorite?