‘Singers are fu*king idiots’: Mike Patton Gives Advice On How To Be A Great Singer

Mike Patton: greg (https://www.flickr.com/photos/kokuziu/), CC BY 2.0, Wikimedia Commons
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Without a doubt – Mike Patton is truly one of the greatest vocalist in not just heavy metal history, but across all of music. Mike has been part of many acts; to name a few, he has been the vocalist for: Faith No More, Dead Cross, and Mr. Bungle.

Via recent conversation with Bandcamp’s Andrew Parks, Patton spoke to what he feels makes for a great singer. He brings up how some vocalists might have an air to them – that they may think they “own the fucking show,” as he puts it. But ultimately, there is one factor that Patton says is very important in order to be a great vocalist. Here is what Mike had to say about the matter:

“I still see it as, ‘I am here to help. I am a component. I think that’s important, but let’s be honest: Singers are fucking idiots. They think they own the fucking show, but they don’t, okay? That’s one thing I’ve learned over the years: All you’ve gotta do is sit back and be a part of the fucking band. That’s what I’ve tried to do with these guys. I’m not pushing ideas on them, because guess what? They’ve got great ideas, and I don’t want to fuck it up. I’m involved in another project now where it’s kind of the same thing—it’s like, ‘You don’t need me. You need my voice. That’s it.’”

What do you think of Mike Patton’s point when it comes to singers? Do you think he is right? The new Dead Cross album will be out come October 28th.

As a vocalist, Mike is very admired – in fact, Dino Cazares of Fear Factory recently shared that he would have loved for Patton to be the vocalist of the band. Mike also recently opened up about some of his mental health struggles.