Watch: Serj Tankian Speaks To Upcoming System of a Down Announcement Regarding ‘Something Next Year’

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During a recent conversation with Kyle Meredith (via his show Kyle Meredith With), System of a Down frontman Serj Tankian hinted at a big band announcement to be made in the future.

Most of the conversation revolves around Serj’s solo work, but towards the end of their talk, Kyle asks the System of a Down frontman if there is anything in the works when it comes to the band. That is when Serj shares the following:

“As of now, we haven’t talked about anything. We will be making an announcement about something next year that I can’t really tell you about. So there is that. But further than that, I can’t really say.”

So this could mean a whole lot of different things – so let’s speculate! Something that comes to mind right away actually is something that Serj said in a different interview recently. Earlier this month, the System of a Down frontman was interviewed by Christina Rowatt of Revolver, and during their conversation, Serj let something slip that *could* pertain to what he has said in this new interview.

At one point during this past conversation, Christina asks Serj who he considers to be significant bands of the early aughts. The frontman says, “Tool, Rage Against the MachineKornDeftones – like those combination of bands, pretty much all from [the] Los Angeles area, were the heavy hitters of our peers coming up at that time. […] Those are some of the bands that really changed the sound, the scene, and what was going on when we were coming up.”

He then goes on to add the following: “It’s going to be interesting, because there’s going to be a chance to revisit that next year. That’ll be an announcement for a later time.” When Christina comments on this point, Serj clarifies that he is not speaking to the particular bands mentioned, and says he will not mention anymore details.

So, if there is to be some kind of big announcement for next year, there’s a chance that it could involve something from the band’s past (and involve their peers). What do you think this big news could be? You can check out Serj’s conversation with Kyle Meredith below.