Watch: Rob Zombie Once Teared Into Marilyn Manson For His ‘Rockstar Bullsh*t’ In Front Of A Live Audience

Rob Zombie: Rob Zombie Facebook / Marilyn Manson: Andreas Lawen, Fotandi, CC BY-SA 4.0 (Wikimedia Commons)
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There are several music artists who Marilyn Manson has had beef with over the years, with one of those happening to be horror-rocker Rob Zombie. Back in 2012, the two acts were touring together and shit between them was rough.

There were apparently complaints from Marilyn Manson regarding how much stage time Zombie got during the tour, and at one point, Manson even claimed to have kicked Zombie’s ass.

It was on the last night of this tour that Rob decided to let loose all his frustrations – going on an intense, passive aggressive rant that seems to be directed at Marilyn Manson. In the video footage we found pertaining to this incident, Rob Zombie starts out by talking to the crowd and saying the following:

“I have to ask you a very serious question… a very serious question.” He then turns around and points to his ass, and says, “Take a look at this – Does it look like its been kicked by anybody? No, it has not. Some fuckin’ weirdos like to talk a big game – ‘Oh I’m gonna kick somebody’s ass.'”

Zombie then went on to say, “Fuck you! So I hope you enjoy the last night of this fuckin’ tour! We’ve toured with everybody: Pantera, Danzig, Megadeth, Testament, Slayer, you name it. It’s always been fuckin’ great, but some tours [makes a fist and punches his other hand], do not fuckin’ go together.”

Funny enough, at this point in the video footage, after Zombie says this, you can hear someone in audience go, “He hates Manson man.”

Rob Zombie then continues, sharing, “Some people are just so fuckin’ full of shit […] Let’s put away all our whining and bitching and complaining and fuckin’ rock star motherfuckin’ bullshit that I can’t tolerate anymore.”

What do you make of all this drama?