Randy Blythe Speaks To The Idea Of Retiring From Lamb of God + What More He Wants To Do With The Band

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It is never easy to hear when an artist we look up to is considering retirement. When it comes to Lamb of God frontman Randy Blythe, he is aware that there will come a time when he needs to (and wants to) retire from the band.

Via a new interview with Metal Hammer, Blythe mulls over that eventual point in time; Lamb of God have been going strong for nearly three decades, and even though Randy wants to keep going with the band, he knows there will be an end point. Speaking to the idea of retirement, Randy shares the following:

“I haven’t seen that exit ramp yet. That’s very specific to Lamb Of God too – not to music in general, as I plan on making music for as long as I possibly can. But nobody needs to see 70 year-old Randy Blythe up onstage jumping around and yelling ‘this is a motherfucking invitation’.

“I’m such a physical performer, that’s what it is for me. Total physical immersion in our music. I don’t know how long I’ll be able to do that. I know for a fact that, unless something horrible happens, if we make it to 2025, that’ll be 30 years of the band. I gotta make it to 30 years, and I think my body can take that.”

Regarding the physicality of his job, Randy has a fair point. Of course that inevitable day will be heartbreaking to many Lamb of God fans, but every artist eventually needs to enter a point of retiring and getting some rest. All that said, Randy has future goals in mind for Lamb of God.

Per this interview, Randy really wants the band to play in Vietnam; he also wants to play in Africa and Antarctica. We hope that those shows take place for you and the band Randy!

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