Watch: Rammstein Guitarist Richard Kruspe Performs ‘Du Hast’ In A Public Space While In Mexico City

Richard Kruspe: Ruido en la Red Twitter
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As reported by Metal Injection Español‘s Alejandro Ramirez, Rammstein guitarist Richard Kruspe was recently caught playing the band’s song “Du Hast” randomly in the middle of Mexico City.

Apparently, Kruspe was playing a singalong version of the song. “Du Hast” is one of the band’s most popular tracks, and is the second single off their second studio album Sehnsucht. You can check out the video of guitarist Richard Kruspe playing the Rammstein song in public below. This sort of reminds us when we found out that members of System of a Down decided to perform together in a public space.

In other band related news, a few months ago, we shared a video of a parrot rocking out to the same Rammstein song (it is pretty hilarious if we do say so ourselves). Rammstein also recently toured North America and brought out some really interesting equipment for their shows.

Ghost frontman Tobias Forge has pointed to Rammstein as a motivational “guidepost” of sorts, sharing, “But if I compare us to a band that’s at least a little bit closer to me, generationally, it would be Rammstein. I have no intention of sounding like them, but as a visionary, it’s motivating for me to see how a band that were doing arenas up until a couple of years ago now play stadiums.”

Back in March, did you hear how Rammstein frontman Till Lindemann helped an Ukrainian citizen who was fleeing the country (in regards to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine)? The refugee, Alisa Komm, ended up at the Berlin train station, where she would end up bumping into the Rammstein vocalist; Lindemann then assisted her by getting her a place to stay in Germany.