LOL, Radio Station Issues Apology For Broadcasting Steel Panther Song About C*cks + Gloryholes

Ralph "Michael Starr" Saenz: Steel Panther Facebook / Glory hole: Alan Fung-Schwarz, cc-by-sa-2.0, Wikipedia
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As reported by Loudwire, a radio station decided to issue an apology to its listeners after airing music from Steel Panther. The radio station is that of LM Radio, who posted this apology on their Facebook (but has ended up taking the apology down).

Now if you know anything about Steel Panther, you know they are a raunchy ass band – they are not the most radio friendly. Lyndon Johnstone of LM Radio provided the initial apology over on Facebook, saying sorry on behalf of the station for airing the band’s song “Gloryhole.” Loudwire was able to obtain a screenshot of this apology (which you can find below), but the apology involved the following:

“On behalf of LM Radio. I want to apologise unreservedly for the song ‘Glory Hole’ by Steel Panthers that was played just after 2pm yesterday (Sunday). This song, together with others from Steel Panthers, was inadvertently backed up onto our Server following the cyber-attack on our systems earlier this year.

When an Hour is short-scheduled, the system automatically includes songs to fill the hour. ‘Glory Hole’ was unfortunately the song picked by the system,” revealed the station in their statement. We have immediately deleted ALL Steel Panther songs from our Servers. I again apologise for this and assure you that the content of that song does not resonate with who we are as a radio station and as individuals. – Lyndon Johnstone.”

LM Radio

Just to provide some context, some of the lyrics to Steel Panther’s “Gloryhole” are as follows:

There’s a hole in the wall where you put your cock and balls/ But you never really know who’s sucking on the other side.”

“I’m gonna blow my load at the glory hole, blow my load at the glory hole.”

“Come, give your cock a chance, no need for romance/ Come soil your pants at the glory hole.”

If you are in the car with family and this song happens to play uncensored, we can understand why the station would feel a need to provide an apology. That said, some folks who got a quick out of this apology is that of Steel Panther themselves. They shared the apology before it was deleted and wrote the following: “They say, ‘We’re sorry.’ We say, ‘You’re welcome.'”

What do you make of this whole thing? In other band related news, some months back, we wrote about how the band were used to market a Mötley Crüe documentary. We also wrote about a sign language interpreter who covered one of the band’s shows, and she did an amazing job!

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