Post Malone Honors Power Trip at Sold Out Arena Show

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[Editor’s note: the story originally said Malone wore the shirt at his Houston stop, but that was incorrect. It was at his Forth Worth date]

Vocal metalhead and long-time Power Trip supporter, Post Malone, continues to use his fame and pedestal to prop up great heavy bands.

The guy can’t seem to help from showing his unbridled love for the genre everywhere he goes, including in the Iron Maiden pit with Mike Portnoy.

In the short time since his ascendancy to stardom, the heavily-tattooed Soundcloud rapper has promoted heavy music as a rule, constantly repping both young and old acts every chance he gets.

And while plenty of metalheads might not care for his music, and in keeping with the metal way of things have rejected him outright for making melodic hip-hop and pop rather than brutal goregrind, it’s undeniable that the dude has turned on a ton of young kinds to this thing we all love so dearly.

And he isn’t stopping any time soon. At the Fort Worth date of his current sold out arena tour, Post donned a Power Trip shirt for almost the entirety of his show.

This was called to our attention by Power Trip member Nick Stewart, who posted video from the show thanking Post for honoring his band and fallen brother, Riley Gale.

Before his passing, Riley and Post Malone were known to hang out and appear to have developed a strong friendship.

photo by Adam DeGross

You can watch footage of Malone repping the band at the show courtesy of Nick’s Instagram footage below.

Malone, who played a pretty impressive Nirvana tribute set during quarantine lockdown, continues to show a talent for playing music outside of the pop and hip hop wheelhouse that first shot him to stardom.

Knowing he used to play in a metalcore band pre-fame, who knows, maybe we’ll get an actually legit metal project from the guy sooner rather than later.

Watch Post Malone Honor Power Trip: