Ozzfest Is Returning This Year… But With A Catch

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We have come to learn that Ozzfest will be returning this year… however, there is a catch involved. If you are interested in attending and watching performances, you will have to do so via “The Metaverse.”

Taking place next month from November 10th to 13th, Ozzfest 2022 will be held in the Decentraland virtual world. Per the music festival’s website, “Set in an otherworldly cyberpunk landscape being reclaimed by nature, the Festival will feature 15 uniquely designed stages that will see performances from 100+ musical artists from across a wide variety of genres, as well as new interactive experiences.”

Of course, among the already announced acts, Ozzy Osbourne will be performing. The site also shares that many more acts will be announced in the weeks to come (so there is a chance that more metal acts could be announced). If this is something you are interested in attending, then you can find more details via the Decentraland website. Are you excited by the idea of attending a metal festival via a virtual space?

In other Ozzy Osbourne related news, horror director John Carpenter recently shared that he is not super wild for Ozzy’s music! The Black Sabbath vocalist has also talked some recent smack about Van Halen frontman David Lee Roth.

Back in September, Ozzy spoke to the regrets he has regarding the last Black Sabbath album, titled 13, and whether or not the band has officially retired. That same month, Osbourne also spoke as to what motivated the band to create “scary” music. As of recently, Ozzy performed as part of a NFL Halftime show and reunited with Black Sabbath guitarist Tony Iommi for a performance!

Earlier this year, Ozzy released a brand new album titled Patient Number 9. Have you listened to it yet? And if so, what do you think of it?