Watch: New Song From Japanese Metal Band Maximum The Hormone Appears In Chainsaw Man Anime

Maximum The Hormone: pointofgravity, CC BY 2.0, Wikipedia / Chainsaw Man: Studio: MAPPA, Licensed by: Crunchyroll & Medialink (SA/SEA), Original Network: TXN (TV Tokyo)
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Maximum The Hormone is a Japanese metal band that formed in 1998 and have thus far released eight studio albums. The band’s music is absolutely incredible, for it is an amazing blend of nu metal, hardcore, and funk metal.

While their latest studio album is that of 2015’s Mimi Kajiru Shinuchi, the band just recently released a new song titled “Hawatari 2 Oku-senchi.” Along with this track being an absolute banger, it is also featured in the new Chainsaw Man anime.

For those who do not know, Chainsaw Man follows the story of Denji and takes place in a world where Devils exist. These Devils cause all kinds of mayhem and terror, so it is up to Devil Hunters to track down these monsters and fight them off. One thing leads to another and Denji finds himself with the ability to turn into a Devil – his particular abilities allowing him to sprout chainsaws from out of his body.

The Chainsaw Man manga has been WILDLY successful since its release back in 2018, with the Chainsaw Man anime being one of the most hyped up shows in some time. It is an incredible story involving loads of horror, action, gore, and existential dread. The show is currently up to episode three – you can watch it on Hulu and Crunchyroll – and we are loving it (granted, we are also all caught up with the manga, so we know what is to come).

With all this said, we had no idea that a new Maximum The Hormone song was coming out, nor would it be implemented into this anime. On an interesting note, you metalheads who enjoy anime have more than likely heard the band in the past – specifically, those of you who enjoy the anime Death Note. Two of the band’s songs were used as opening music for the Death Note anime, those songs being  “What’s Up, People?!” and “Zetsubō Billy.”

We have included the ending credit sequence to Chainsaw Man that features the new Maximum The Hormone song, as well as two other clips that feature the band’s music in Death Note. If you are just hearing Maximum The Hormone’s music for the first time, make sure to check out more of their material! Also, watch Chainsaw Man!

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