Mastodon Guitarist Bill Kelliher Says Ghost Has Become The New Kiss

Bill Kelliher: Mastodon Facebook / Tobias Forge: Ghost Facebook
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Considering where Ghost started in 2010, it is wild to see how much they have grown over the years. And depending on who you ask, some people may look at Ghost as one of the biggest names in rock and metal today.

Take Mastodon guitarist Bill Kelliher for example, not only is he a big fan of the band, but he also considers them to be the “Kiss of 2022.” Via a new interview with Heavy Consequence, Bill speaks to the popularity of the band. For context, Mastodon was recently on the road with Ghost, supporting them as part of an epic arena tour.

Bill says that upon meeting Tobias Forge, he could sense that the band was going to be a big deal. Here is what the Mastodon guitarist has to say about Ghost:

“When I first met [Ghost mastermind] Tobias [Forge] and we first started touring with Ghost, I could just feel that these guys are gonna be really freakin’ big. … [Now] they’re like the KISS of 2022. Their fans are rabid. They’re insane. Half the audience, when we did this tour, had the face paint on. … They’re a great band. I went out and watched them the other night. They’re incredible.”

Comparing Ghost to an act like Kiss, the latter who is truly one of the biggest bands in ALL of music… that is quite the compliment! What do you make of Bill’s stance when it comes to Ghost? Even if you may not personally be a fan of the band, do you think they have reached a truly epic level of rock stardom?

Keep a look out for a fun Ghost related feature we have coming out soon! In other Ghost related news, a band featuring little kids decided to cover one of the band’s songs (and they did an awesome job)! Forge has also shared that haters are very good for the band’s business!