Lorna Shore Singer Will Ramos Used To Not Be A Fan Of Metal – Says He Didn’t Care For Whitechapel At First

Will Ramos: Lorna Shore Facebook / Phil Bozeman: Whitechapel Facebook
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In the latest of ironic news – Lorna Shore singer Will Ramos says he used to not be a fan of metal. We find this wild given that, not only is the band super heavy sounding, but Ramos is by and large one of the most talented vocalists in the modern metal scene (and has already cemented himself as one of the most talented in the genre’s overall history).

During a recent interview with Kerrang!, Ramos reflected on his past experiences with heavy music, sharing that he was not a fan of such tunes (at first). He name drops that of Whitechapel and shares that his friends tried to get him into bands like Lamb of God and Cradle of Filth, but he just wasn’t into the music. Per Ramos:

“Oh my God, I remember listening to Whitechapel and going, ‘I don’t like it!’ But you keep listening to things and it grows on you. It’s so funny for me to think about that now because the things that we do are so much darker and heavier than those bands! I was into a whole bunch of scene-kid bands. That was me. I was a scene kid. I’d straighten my hair every fucking day. I dyed it super-dark, I had piercings all over my fucking face. I had, like, four lip piercings. And I stretched my septum. I was that kid when I was little. It was great!”

Ramos shares that when he was younger, a band he really liked was AFI (which hey, that is a great band). We think it is both ironic and interesting how Will did not start out as a big fan of metal, and yet, he has become one of the most thrilling voices in the genre! We are big fans of Ramos’ vocal talents and are excited for everyone to hear the band’s new album, Pain Remains, when it comes out this Friday.

In other news related to the Lorna Shore singer, have you checked out the video that involves a camera being put down his throat while he screams?