Listen: Gojira Release Teaser For A New Song Titled ‘Our Time Is Now’

Foto: Stefan Brending
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Last year, Gojira released one of the most incredible albums of the year (that being Fortitude); and while that was just a little over a year ago, it looks like the band is already teasing new music!

Over on the Gojira Twitter account, the band has posted a brief teaser that highlights what looks to be a new song of theirs. This song is titled “Our Time Is Now,” and you can check out that teaser below:

We also want to highlight something that our friends over at Metal Injection pointed out that is really cool! For you gamers out there – and those gamers who enjoy hockey – the soundtrack for NHL 23 was recently revealed and it features a great plethora of metal songs. Among those songs is that of Gojira’s “Our Time Is Now.”

The game and its soundtrack will be out come October 14th – so for those of us who may not be playing the video game – we will still get to hear this new Gojira track soon! And given that this is Gojira we are talking about, we absolutely expect this song to be one hell of a banger.

Among the band’s discography, what is your favorite record of theirs? At the time of this writing, the band have released the following studio albums: Terra Incognita (2001), The Link (2003), From Mars to Sirius (2005), The Way of All Flesh (2008), L’Enfant Sauvage (2012), Magma (2016), and Fortitude (2021).

In other band related news, we recently wrote about how Gojira films, studies, and critiques every single show they play. During a recent conversation, Igor Cavalera spoke to how he feels he can hear a Sepultura influence within the music of Gojira. On that note, Gojira actually teamed up with Deftones some months ago to perform the Sepultura song “Territory” live.