Listen: Death-Noise-Grinders Full Of Hell Stream New EP ‘Aurora Leaking From An Open Wound’

Will Butler, CC BY 4.0 , via Wikimedia Commons
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Full of Hell is one of the most intense acts in all of metal; blending noise, grindcore, and death metal, these guys are known to create compositions brimming with throttling instrumentation and ominous vibes. Since forming in 2009, the band have put out a great number of releases; from full-length studio albums to EPs, to a plethora of splits and more, Full of Hell is always looking to create some chaotic sounding music.

As of today, the band have released a brand new EP, titled Aurora Leaking From An Open Wound, which features the following three songs: “Aurora Leaking,” “Swarming Hornets,” and Blinding Erasure.” These three tracks are absolutely savage sounding, each providing an incredible demonstration of heavy riffs, crushing drum work, and grimy noise.

You can stream Aurora Leaking From An Open Wound below, and you can purchase the EP now. Here is the Bandcamp link. Let us know what you think of this EP! In other Full of Hell related news, you may have heard how someone threw a dead rat onto their stage while the band were performing live recently!

We have also included Full of Hell in a past feature of ours where we speak to 20 acts that are elevating the genre of metal. When it comes to these guys, we wrote: “Another band that continues to expand upon their craft is that of Full of Hell – easily one of today’s most chaotic sounding bands. What makes them so chaotic you say? Well, a lot of it has to do with their barraging display of instrumentation, their maddening and brilliant fusion of genre, and their relentless commitment to nightmarish atmosphere. You only have to listen to their latest record, Garden of Burning Apparitions, to get a small taste of how genius this band is.”

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