Interview: Lamb Of God’s John Campbell Speaks To Younger Metal Bands Crushing It Today, Omens + More

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The brand new Lamb Of God album Omens is out today! For almost three decades, the band have been pushing their craft, becoming more aggressive with each new release. They have also been expanding upon their artistry over the years – bringing in new stylistic flair to each record – and Omens is an incredible testament to how far Lamb Of God have come.

We recently had the great opportunity to talk with none other than band bassist John Campbell! We talked about John’s favorite song off the new Lamb Of God album, the band’s approach to keeping their creativity fresh over the years, and that of the band’s current tour. While talking about that tour, we asked John about the support that is accompanying the band, and what it is like for a major band like Lamb Of God to help raise the voices of relatively smaller and younger acts in the metal scene. He also spoke to his enjoyment of these bands who are touring with Lamb Of God.

The Pit: The band has been on the road for a bit now as part of the Omens tour – How is that going?

John Campbell: It’s going great! We’re about two weeks in or so; we played the Louder Than Life Festival last night [which would have been around the time this interview was recorded]. Shits kicking off man, it’s going great.

The Pit: Among the tracks that are on the new album Omens, is there any that particularly sticks out to you? And were there any specific goals in mind for this record (technically speaking)? We’ve noticed there are a lot more punk and hardcore elements to this record.

JC: Well, that’s just organically what came about; we never go into a record [saying] ‘This could be like this.’ We just organically do what we do; we write songs and they come together as they come together. At this point, we tend to write a lot more songs that are used on the record, and if there are a couple songs that kind of have the same character to them, we can pick and choose between which ones we think represent that character on the record better. We are really organic in that regard.

And as far as songs that I think are standout – “Grayscale” is probably my favorite song on the record.

The Pit: Lamb Of God has been going strong for nearly 30 years – What are some creative approaches you take that allow you to keep your craft fresh?

JC: Well, we try to outdo what we had done previously, and that’s it. We are lucky enough to be together as a group and [to have] found each other so long ago – we’re a good team working together doing these things, and we have seen some success from this thing. Nothing motivates like success. And we really want to outdo ourselves every chance that we can.

The Pit: How do you like to cut loose while on the road and in-between shows?

JC: When I’m at home I’m a family man, when I’m on the road I have the chance to catch up with my friends and […] you know, throw back a couple beers and whatnot. But there’s not really a lot of time to cut loose on the road; it’s a pretty hard life of constantly going, and then when you get a day off and a hotel room, it’s really nice to shut that door and have some space to yourself and try to get some sleep.

The Pit: Totally fair – we didn’t know if you might be a big reader or have anything you like to watch while on the road.

JC: I socialize on the road, that’s what I enjoy doing.

The Pit: The lineup on the Omens tour is absolutely incredible and features, mostly, relatively younger metal bands. Does Lamb Of God have control over who comes out on the road with you, and if so, what drew you guys to pick these acts?

JC: Absolutely [regarding the band having control over who tours with them]. And the core [regarding how LoG choose their supporting acts] is actually a little bit crass I guess, [for it] comes down to ticket sales, what band’s budgets are, and what they represent as far as ticket sales – and you fill out a package like that. But there’s a bunch of bands that would fill the same spot, and we can choose… maybe we know some people in the bands that happen to fall into those spots, or we just really dig what they are doing – if we are into the band. Honestly, we were given opportunities by bigger bands [back when we were] coming up, so it’s a pleasure to be able to do the same for these other bands coming up.

The Pit: What younger metal bands in today’s scene really have your attention today?

JC: Suicide Silence are great. We have Baroness out with us right now; they are fan-fucking-tastic [sic] people, just a great band, great energy, great people to be out on the road with. And we have Spiritbox, Animals As Leaders, and Fit For An Autopsy – and I’m really looking forward to being on the road with those guys.

The Pit: Lastly, what new albums from this year are really sticking out to you? Can be metal or non-metal related.

JC: Um, of course ours [laughs]. I say that jokingly, but I really like our new record; I’m really excited for it to be released on October 7th, and for people to get their hands on it and listen to what I’ve been listening to for a while now and hopefully agree with me that it is a whip ass record.

We would like to thank John for his time talking to us! The new Lamb Of God album Omens is out today.