Kurt Cobain’s Estate Is Going After An Opera Based On The Late Nirvana Singer’s Last Days

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Back in April, news came out regarding an opera that would explore the last days of the late Nirvana singer Kurt Cobain. This opera is based on the movie Last Days, which is loosely based on Cobain, and was written & directed by Gus Van Sant.

However, Kurt Cobain’s estate is not happy about this opera. As reported by Consequence, Cobain’s estate has released a statement expressing how this opera is being created without permission, and how this is an exploitative work. Here is that statement:

Last Days has been created and written without permission. This show, just like the movie, is an unauthorized attempt to benefit from the brief meeting set up with Kurt and Gus Van Sant. This one meeting has been exploited for profit for thirty years now and enough is enough.”

A response was provided via a spokesperson for the Royal Opera House:

“The Royal Opera’s production of Last Days is adapted from Gus Van Sant’s cult film of the same name, released in 2005. It is a fictionalized account, and was produced with the permissions of Gus Van Sant and HBO.”

At the time of this reporting, the Last Days opera has already concluded its run; at this point in time, we do not know if the Kurt Cobain estate will pursue any legal action. What do you make of this whole thing? If given the chance, would you see this opera? Have you seen the movie by any chance?

In other Kurt Cobain related news, did you know the late Nirvana singer hated Pearl Jam? Among the comments he made about them back in the day, Cobain said, “Every article I see written about them [Pearl Jam], they mention us, and they’re baiting that fact. I would love to be erased from my association with that band and other corporate bands like the Nymphs and a few other felons.”