Watch: Korn Guitarist Munky Says The Band Once Left Him Stranded At A Gas Station In Germany

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Korn once left guitarist James “Munky” Shaffer stranded at a gas station in Germany. Via a video uploaded by SiriusXM, Korn members Ray Luzier and Munky speak to this hilarious as hell incident.

As James Shaffer tells the story, he left his cell phone on the bus and could not call for the guys to come back and get him. Munky continues, sharing the following (as transcribed by The Pit):

“The weird thing was – I got off to take a crap, and the bus driver, I said [to him], ‘Hey Man! I’m going in to use the bathroom.’ And he’s like putting gas in the bus, he’s like ‘Kay.’ Next thing, [I] came out, I was like, I thought you guys were fucking with me.”

Ray Luzier then asks Munky if he saw the bus pull away, to which the guitarist says the bus was already gone when he came out. Thankfully, the group was eventually alerted to the fact that James was left stranded at the gas station; however, it took multiple phone calls until the band found out James was missing from the bus (with James having to use the gas station phone to call his wife, who then called the band’s tour manager).

Glad to hear things ultimately worked out James! You can check out the video below to hear James talk about this story himself. In other news related to Korn, we recently covered the reason why Deftones refused to tour with the band back in the late ‘90s and early 2000s. Korn bassist Fieldy also recently provided a life statement and also spoke to where he currently stands with the rest of the band members.

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