Jonathan Davis Says He Will NEVER EVER Sing This Korn Song Again

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With 14 studio albums under their belt, there is a tremendous amount of songs in the Korn catalog – but there is one song that band frontman Jonathan Davis never wants to sing again.

Per a recent conversation with Metal Hamer, Jonathan discusses one of the band’s most haunting and unnerving songs: “Daddy.” This song is a track off of the band’s debut self-titled album, and its lyrics involve the subject of child abuse.

Even with this being a song the band created, Davis refused to perform it for decades – that is until he and the band performed the track as part of a 20th anniversary tour associated with the release of their debut album. Speaking to playing that song and the material that makes up their first album, Jonathan shared the following:

“I felt like I robbed the world of doing that live for so long. I felt like I owed it to our fans that were hardcore enough to come and see us on the 20th anniversary of that album, but I don’t wanna do it again.

Going out and touring that record, I realised how dark it is – it’s some depressing shit. As we got into (1998’s) Follow The Leader, it became more about groove. The emotion was there, but it wasn’t that particular darkness we captured on that first record.”

In a couple years, that self-titled debut album will be celebrating its 30th anniversary. Any chance that the song may make a live appearance? Per Davis: “I don’t think I wanna go through that again. It was difficult, and I think I was proving to myself that I could do it too.”

We totally respect Jonathan’s decision to not perform this song; it certainly is some depressing shit, and we imagine it might be a triggering song to some folks looking to cut back at a concert.

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