‘I liked Metallica better when they were men’: Jonathan Davis Gave Metallica Sh*t Back In The Day For ‘Load’

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Back in the ’90s, Korn and Metallica found themselves touring together, and it was during this time that Jonathan Davis decided to talk some shit about the thrash legends.

Via an interview with the Lead Singer Syndrome podcast that took place in 2018, the Korn frontman spoke to how he felt about the band being a part of the metal world in the ’90s, and how he didn’t view Korn as being like Metallica or Iron Maiden. The following was transcribed by Loudwire:

“With us, we didn’t care about Metallica or any metal music in general. We had bands that we loved…the most metal band that we really were inspired by was Sepultura, but other than that, we were something different. We always were fighting against this metal, ‘Do this metal, this that metal.’ We tried so hard to get around that and be with alternative bands and stuff like that, which we did for a while, but it didn’t work and we were not a metal band in the sense of a Metallica or of Iron Maiden or that kind of stuff — we were something new — so we always tried to stay away from that. We didn’t care what Metallica was doing. I mean, I got in trouble and said it.”

Davis then goes on to talk about an infamous comment he made about Metallica. Around the time that this tour was taking place, Metallica had released their album Load, which is not the most beloved record among the band’s discography. But speaking to his shit talking of Metallica, Jonathan shared the following:

“We went out on tour with Metallica, our first Metallica tour, and I said something in the press and they took it and they cut it out, the quote, and they put it all over the arena. And the quote was, ‘I liked Metallica better when they were men.’ [laughs] And I felt so horrible. And they came and go, ‘You talking shit?’ I was all, ‘Yes. I’m sorry.’ I was intimidated. That’s James Hetfield and Kirk [Hammett] and all those guys just looking at me. It’s my first tour with them. I mean, I love ’em now don’t get me wrong — but, yeah, I said shit. ‘Cause it was kind of weird.”

With the passing of time, Jonathan has come to appreciate Load more, saying, “It was weird when most bands were going soft at that time. And now that I look back, I’m glad they did.”

What are your feelings when it comes to Metallica’s Load album?