John 5 Finally Comments On Rumor Whether He’s Joining Mötley Crüe Or Not

Tyrel Snowden, CC BY-SA 4.0 , via Wikimedia Commons
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A couple weeks ago, during a recent Rob Zombie concert, many people noticed that guitarist John 5 was not present. In John’s place was that of one of Zombie’s past guitarists, that being Mike Riggs. This got many metal publications and folks wondering if John 5 was no longer a part of Zombie’s band.

Then, the following day, a rumor started floating about that John may actually be joining that of Mötley Crüe as their guitarist. This rumor originated with the publication Metal Sludge, who reported that they were “tipped off from a few in the industry” that guitarist John 5 is being considered to take on a role in Mötley Crüe.

However, as of very recently, John has decided to open up about the rumor and provide some clarity. As reported by MetalSucks, they have found out an important update pertaining to this rumor.

John 5 recently posted an older image that involves him with Mötley Crüe guitarist Mick Mars; we attempted to search for this image, but we cannot confirm where it was uploaded to. However, MetalSucks reports that a fan commented on this photo and asked John about the rumor, and if he was in fact joining Mötley Crüe.

John then said the following in response: “No, just a rumor.”

There you have it folks, per John 5 himself, he is not joining Mötley Crüe as their guitarist. That would have been pretty cool, but it is not happening. However, one mystery still remains: What is John’s current status as far as Rob Zombie’s band is concerned?

Apparently, per a reporting from Rock Feed, John and Rob Zombie “no longer follow each other on social media.” Do you think that John is still in Zombie’s band, and maybe there was just something personal going on? Or, do you think the guitarist has left Zombie’s band? We will keep you posted on updates regarding this story.