Jay Weinberg Speaks To Why He Feels Slipknot Is An Ageless Band

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During a recent interview with Sophie K of Knotfest, Slipknot drummer Jay Weinberg speaks to why he feels the band’s music has become so popular among multiple age groups.

At one point during their conversation, Sophie brings up to Jay how the band have gone on to become popular with folks in “real space” and over on TikTok. Speaking to the band’s “ageless” popularity, this is what Weinberg had to say (as transcribed by Ultimate Guitar):

“I think that’s a testament to anybody who’s willing to lend an open ear to what we’re up to. I think you hear the passion that goes into it. And, you know, it’s our hope that whatever we’re up to creatively has that kind of staying power… I mean, [with] the band being around for almost 25 years now – those songs that the band made 25 years ago are still as poignant and, have the same energy and speak to people and in the same way.

“It might speak to a 10-year-old today the same way it spoke to a 10-year-old me. And so, the fact that we still put as much of that into it – and I’ve learned, as I’ve been with the band going on 9 or 10 years or something, what we put into it – we just hope that the passion translates. And that I think that gives it some staying power. People hear that, they hear the work being reflected back to them. And I think they then invest that into what they’re up to nowadays…I’m having my first experiences of being like, ‘Oh, man, I’m the old guy at the TikTok thing!’ I don’t know, I don’t get this [laughs].”

Why do you think Slipknot is so popular among various age groups? You can check out the full video interview featuring band drummer Jay Weinberg below. The band’s new album, The End, So Far, is out now – check out our review via this link here.