Watch: Jack Black Serenading Young Terminally Ill ‘School Of Rock’ Fan Is Wonderfully Heartwarming

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Jack Black is easily one of the sweetest guys around. While he can be known to be raunchy as hell in some of his movies (or while performing in Tenacious D), Jack has a heart of gold. One example of Jack’s great heart is something he did for a terminally ill fan of his recently (heads up, prepare to have your heart warmed).

As reported by the folks over at Upworthy, Black recently met that of 15-year-old Abraham; the young boy is diagnosed with a rare mitochondrial disease called Pearson syndrome. Abraham has been in the care of TrinityKids Care for the past year, which is a hospice program which provides end-of-life care to children and adolescents. TrinityKids Care is an organization that Jack associates with; specifically, the actor and rocker hosts the Layla Paige and Friends Walk for TrinityKids Care.

The event took place earlier this month, with Jack Black going around meeting different kids. At one point he comes across Abraham, and Jack learns from Abraham’s nurse that he is a big fan of Jack’s movie School Of Rock. When Jack learns of this, he starts to perform a beautiful serenade involving the song “In the End of Time” for Abraham. This is a song that appeared in the movie.

It is a truly wonderful and beautiful moment; you can tell from the video footage of this moment (which you can find below) that this meant so much to Abraham. What a really amazing move on Jack Black’s part.

In other news related to the rocker and actor, Tenacious D have a new record in the works! Among the comments provided regarding this new album, Black shared, “We got another record we’re making, but we can’t really talk about it because it’s too powerful. We’ve been going on writer’s retreats – yeah, we went to Joshua Tree to kick out the jams and make the magic happen in the desert.”


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