Watch: FFDP’s Ivan Moody Once Spent Several Minutes, During A Live Show, Berating An Audience Member

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Concerts are meant to be a fun, exciting, and safe experience; so when Five Finger Death Punch frontman Ivan Moody caught an audience member roughing up a fellow fan during a live show, he went berserk.

This incident happened several years ago – the footage we came across is dated for eight years ago (which would date back to 2014). During the particular show involving this incident, Ivan called out an audience member who apparently picked someone up in the crowd and then proceeded to slam them to the ground.

For several minutes, Moody refused to perform live and just went fucking off on this person. The video starts with him asking if the guy is okay – the one who was slammed to the ground. He then proceeds to address the other person who slammed that guy, saying, “You don’t fucking slam somebody on their fucking head like that, you fucking douche bag.”

Moody continues talking to this guy and calls him a real cringe slur (which you can hear for yourself in the video below). Ivan continues to just stand at his microphone for several minutes, talking to the person who threw the other audience member to the ground.

It is surreal given how much time is spent addressing this matter; we have seen other metal artists stop performances mid-way to help audience members in need, and while Ivan is doing that to a degree, he is mostly focusing on berating this other person.

You can check out this footage for yourself below. In other news related to the Five Finger Death Punch frontman, Moody recently shared that he will be retiring from heavy metal. Among the comments he shared recently, one thing he said is, “I am going to make one more Five Finger Death Punch album and then I am retiring from heavy metal.”