Iced Earth’s Jon Schaffer Apparently Evading Lawmakers in U.S. Capitol Attack Lawsuit

Jon Schaffer by Markus Felix via Wikipedia
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Back in 2021, Iced Earth guitarist Jon Schaffer plead guilty to two of the six charges leveled against him for his involvement in the now infamous January 6 riots on the U.S. Capitol. The charges he copped to included “obstruction of an official proceeding of Congress” and “trespassing on restricted grounds of the Capitol while armed with a deadly or dangerous weapon.”

Now, per a new investigative article published earlier today, process servers in the District of Columbia have apparently been struggling for months now to find and serve Schaffer with the news that he is also being sued in federal court for his actions during the January 6 riots.

Per the report, the months-long search to find and serve Schaffer has been extensive, including “at least 25 separate attempts to serve Schaffer at seven different addresses across three different states… including three residences in the Columbus area.”

Schaffer was actually one of the first people to forcibly enter the Capitol on January 6.

Additionally, since he admitted in his guilty plea to being a founding, lifetime member of the militia group Oath Keepers, he is included in a federal lawsuit filed by District of Columbia’s attorney general that aims to “recover extraordinary damages and costs due to the insurrection, including dispatching hundreds of Metropolitan Police Department officers to defend the Capitol against the attack, emergency and medical treatment for at least 65 injured officers, paid leave for officers who could not work due to their injuries, among other costs.”

After being unable to serve John by the June 30th deadline this past summer, court filings outlined his believed whereabouts and contact struggles to date:

“The District now believes that Schaffer is hiding from process servers in a mobile home in Auburndale, Florida. Since locating that address, the District has attempted service there at least five times, yet Schaffer refuses to answer the door — thereby preventing effective service absent further relief from the court.”

You can read the full details of the report, including a chronicling of all of the failed attempts to locate and make contact with Schaffer so far, at this link.