New Horror Movie ‘Terrifier 2’ Is Making People Puke And Faint In Theaters Due To Its Gut-Churning Violence

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Between the new Hellraiser, Halloween Ends, and Smile, there have been a lot of great horror movies to come out lately – but we have to talk about Terrifier 2.

Terrifier 2 is an indie horror movie that recently came out into theatres and has been making WAVES; mostly because – via the reporting of several media outlets – numerous people have been vomiting and fainting during screenings of the film.

For those who do not know, the first Terrifier came out in 2016 and features a new horror movie slasher in the form of Art The Clown. Art has an incredibly unnerving presence to him; in the first movie, prior to anyone knowing how much of a menace he is, he openly stalks people and does creepy clown shit around them. When he eventually starts his torturing and killing… it is fucking graphic.

Some of us here have a steel gut of sorts when it comes to horror movies; we might have a moment of commenting that something is gross, but it takes a whole lot to get us cringing. That said, Terrifier, and that of Terrifier 2, really have gotten us grossed out (like real queasy).

While the new Halloween movie features the unstoppable Michael Myers, we kind of feel that Art The Clown is much more of a terrifying horror movie antagonist. Terrifier 2 is still playing in some theatres, but we cannot confirm how long it will remain in theatres. That said, given the financial success of the movie, we hope it stays around longer.

You can check out a trailer for Terrifier 2 below. What horror movies have you been watching as of this month? In somewhat horror movie related news, we played a game of “Fuck, Marry, Kill” with that of GWAR frontman Blothar The Berserker, and his choices involved horror movie slashers!