Hellraiser Actor Doug Bradley Speaks To Dani Filth Being A ‘Trailblazer’ In Metal + Corey Taylor’s Horror Fandom

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Actor Doug Bradley (who is probably most well known for his role as Pinhead in the original Hellraiser) has quite a few connections in the metal world. Via a recent conversation with Metal Hammer, Bradley is asked about the movie’s influence on metal, and the actor even spoke to some metal celebrities he knows are hardcore horror buffs.

At one point during this conversation, Doug is asked how it feels to be a “mainstay” in metal culture; in responding to this question, he ends up expressing his fandom for Cradle of Filth‘s Dani Filth (Bradley has provided some voicework for some of Cradle of Filth’s music). He also ends up mentioning another big metal celebrity.

“With everything else that comes along on the back of [Hellraiser], it’s kind of weird, and it’s very humbling and exciting at the same time. I sort of wish to some extent that I was more active in the metal scene — that I was more of a fan of metal music.

“I mean, in [Dani Filth’s] case, he was something of a trailblazer with the kind of music that Cradle were doing, and I just love him as a guy. He’s a great performer. Where the hell he produces those two voices from — that basso profundo growl and then that falsetto — without completely wrecking his vocal cords is a mystery to me. He’s a smart writer, and that shines out. And that’s really the reason I’ve kept going back to work with him. I’ve also chatted with Corey Taylor.”

The interviewer shares that Corey Taylor really knows his horror, to which Doug replies with:

“Yes, he does. But they all do! I was just at the Silver Scream convention […] in Danvers, Massachusetts just outside Boston. It’s really a convention built around Ice Nine Kills, and I was talking to Spencer [Charnas] and he’s completely immersed in horror. Kirk from Metallica was reputed to have one of the biggest private horror collections around and roll it all the way back to Alice and Ozzy.”

Doug Bradley is an amazing actor and we will forever adore the work he did in Hellraiser. If you have yet to check it out, the brand new Hellraiser movie is currently streaming  on Hulu (and it’s awesome)! In other horror related news, Corey Taylor recently bought the rights to the Famous Monsters brand.