Watch: Fit For An Autopsy’s Joe Badolato Once Again Joins Lamb of God Live Onstage

Foto: Stefan Brending
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Back in August, when Lamb of God frontman Randy Blythe caught COVID, the band invited several vocalists to come up on stage with them and fill in the role of their frontman; one of those artists happens to have been Joe Badolato, singer for Fit For An Autopsy.

Both Lamb of God and Fit For An Autopsy seem to have bonded over the course of that tour, for the deathcore act got invited to join Lamb of God on their Omens tour. And it was during a recent concert that took place on October 20th in Irving, Texas where Joe got to come up on stage with the band once again. Randy was all well and fine, the guys just wanted to invite Joe on stage!

In particular, they invited him up for a performance of their song “Laid to Rest,” a Lamb of God song that Fit For An Autopsy has released an official cover of. You can check out the video below to see Joe from Fit For An Autopsy and Lamb of God performing “Laid to Rest” together (it is truly epic).

In other Lamb of God related news, did you hear how Randy once fled from the police 0n a 4-wheeler and helped Children of Bodom escape the clutches of the border patrol? They are some wild ass tales!

We also recently ranked all of the Lamb of God albums from worst to best. You can follow this link here to check out the full ranking – that said, we have included an excerpt from that ranking below. While we will not tell you here where we ranked the band’s album Ashes of the Wake, we will tell you what we think of it:

“The third Lamb of God album Ashes of the Wake is probably one of the most fan beloved among the band’s work. Through and through, Ashes of the Wake demonstrates a band who know how to craft pulse-pounding and thrilling groove metal; this is a record that goes right for your eardrums and gets the blood flowing.”