Watch: Did You Know Metallica Once Covered Slayer’s ‘Raining Blood’?

James Hetfield: Metallica Facebook / Kerry King: Antje Naumann (AllSystemsRed), CC BY-SA 3.0, Wikimedia Commons
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Each of the Big Four has a great number of hits among them, but just to name a few: Anthrax has “Madhouse,” Metallica has “Master of Puppets,” Megadeth has “Symphony of Destruction,” and Slayer has “Raining Blood.”

As super fans of the Big Four, we have an appreciation for all their music and hits – that said, we do have some personal favorites of course. Among those personal favorites is that of Slayer’s “Raining Blood.” The song is perhaps the most iconic track among all of Slayer’s work. The song is part of the band’s third studio album, the 1986 record Reign in Blood.

So, given our love for the Big Four and the iconic Slayer track, it came as a major surprise to us when we saw that Metallica had once performed the song! The band played the song back in 2009 as part of a soundcheck; and while they don’t play the track for to long, what they do perform sounds sick as hell! Below you will find the video that features Metallica playing the Slayer song.

In other Big Four related news, Dave Mustaine recently shared that he really wants to collaborate with James Hetfield. We think this would be amazing! Mustaine also wants the Big Four to come together and help out younger bands. Among the comments he made, here is one of his points:

“I sometimes think how much better things would have been if we would’ve all tried a little bit more within The Big Four. The four of us still have so much authority and power and we could do so many great things. It would be great if we could get together and have a meeting of the minds as these four figureheads – the metal Mount Rushmore – and think of something special we could do to really benefit young bands and musicians and artists.”