Listen: Blackened Doom + Death Act WORM Stream Entirety Of Chilling New Mini-Album ‘Bluenothing’

Worm logo by Yuri Kahan, Bluenothing title shield and interior art by Mark Riddick, Art and Dagger art by Mark Jarrell, Draconian Sigil by Nightmare Imagery, Dragonmoon Throne frame by J. Slaughter, Band Photos xeroxed by Skograt, Layout / Design by Phantom Slaughter / J. Slaughter & Chimere Noire
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One of the best modern metal bands is WORM, hands down. While the band has been making music for a few years now, WORM ended up getting a lot of attention last year with the release of their studio album Foreverglade. An incredible work of gloomy death metal that reeks with despair and ominous energy, Foreverglade was one of the most standout records of last year.

To follow-up that release, the band have a new mini-album coming out titled Bluenothing (which will be available this Friday). Containing four tracks and roughly 26 minutes in runtime, Bluenothing is a jaw-dropping work of atmospheric doom.

Side-A of Bluenothing features the band’s captivating presentation of blackened doom-death; WORM present an atmosphere that engulfs listeners, the compositions coming across both enchanting sounding and crushing. Side-B offers a different form of presentation, providing a plethora of other unique chilling vibes.

The timestamps associated with each of the songs on Bluenothing are as follows:

  • 1. Bluenothing (0:00)
    2. Centuries of Ooze II (
    3. Invoking the Dragonmoon (
    4. Shadowside Kingdom (

You can listen to the entirety of WORM’s Bluenothing below! You can also pre-order the mini-album via this link here. We have already listened to the record and absolutely adore it. This is a really fascinating work and we are excited for more folks to hear it! It is sincerely one of our favorite releases of the year thus far.

If this is your first time checking out the band’s music, then this is also a great start! We totally recommend listening to Foreverglade after you have listened to Bluenothing.

In other awesome WORM related news, the band will be playing at next year’s Decibel Metal & Beer Fest! Performing alongside them are the following bands: The Black Dahlia MurderSuicidal Tendencies, EyehategodMizmorFrozen Soul, All Out War, Undeath, Drowningman, Fuming Mouth, PhobophilicEscuela Grind, and Incantaion. There is also one other unannounced act that will be part of the metal festival.