Photo: Clown + Tortilla Man Debut New Slipknot Masks

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While it was just a few months ago that we got to see brand new Slipknot masks, it looks like Shawn “Clown” Crahan and Tortilla Man (Michael Pfaff) are already sporting new versions of their masks.

Over on the band’s Twitter account, a photo has been uploaded that features Clown and Pfaff rocking brand new white Slipknot masks. These masks keep to the design of each member’s new mask, respectively, but are all white and without any other color.

You can check out the photo that is featured on the band’s social media below:

If you are interested in seeing more photos that feature Clown and Tortilla Man’s new masks, follow this link here. What are your thoughts regarding Clown and Praff’s new Slipknot masks?

In other band related news, their new album just came out last Friday! We wrote a review of The End, So Far (which you can check out by following this link here), but below you will find a brief excerpt.

The End, So Far, in the context of Slipknot’s work, features next level artistry from the band. Other than We Are Not Your Kind, or even All Hope Is Gone, this is the most unique musical take we have had from Slipknot in sometime, with a plethora of cuts incorporating multiple tempo shifts, tonal mood shifts, and varying levels of sonic intensity within a given song.”

In other band related news, Corey Taylor recently answered a bunch of questions from some elementary school kids who wanted to learn more about Slipknot. Corey has also recently reflected on his relationship with the late Joey Jordison and spoke to his friend’s “demons.” And per a new interview, Clown reflected on the passing of his daughter Gabrielle. She passed away back in 2019 at the age of 22.